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Welcome to our Home Page

By God's grace, we are
"Growing in our faith, our community & our hope"

We are a Church Family based in S.W. Queensland, and we are partners in the wider work with our sister Church Families, in the Darling Downs Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.
Our belief is that God has placed us here to serve Him as we serve one another both within and outside of our Church Family.

Please take the time to navigate through our site - we pray that we may be able to share God's love with you in some way.
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Disclaimer - We cannot dictate the content of any banner that may be found as a header on our website at any time.

This website is provided free of charge and we appreciate the opportunity that it gives for us to reach you by this very-affordable means.

While we cannot endorse or dis-endorse all that may appear, we would ask that you consider your own position before trying any of the links that these banners may lead you to, and show discernment & understanding for our situation.

Future Activities & Events
* Regular Sunday Morning Service at St Andrews  - commences 9.00am

* Regular Sunday Afternoon Service at "The Estates" - commences at 3.00pm

* Regular Prayer & Bible Study Meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons at the Church complex on Campbell St in Millmerran - commencing at 2.00pm and also at the Manse commencing at 7.30pm
All most welcome !

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Just a Thought !
Faith is to believe what you do not yet see: what a blessing to be rewarded for this faith by being allowed, by God's grace, to see what you believe

We thought that you might enjoy this .......

One of the most important things that we can do in order to reach others is to develop the ability to laugh at ourselves & enjoy some of the "lighter" side of belonging to a Church Family.

If you don't have a Church that you can call home at the present time, look at what you are missing out on !!

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Working together by God's grace, as a Christian Family, to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.